We take a sustainable approach to the built environment and our investments. Often working in highly historic settings, we explore opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of our construction and operation. Here are just some of the measures we use.

Circular Economy

We focus on refurbishing buildings and re-using materials across our sites to minimise waste and embodied carbon.


We use cool, sub-surface ground water to heat and cool our developments at 400% efficiency compared with gas.


We use air source heat to heat and cool our developments at 400% efficiency compared with gas.


We incorporate solar panels wherever possible to self-sustain electrical demand.


We use sustainable urban drainage systems to minimise rainwater run off rates and mitigate flood risk.

Efficient Fabric

Working within the historic constraints of buildings, we utilise highly efficient fabric and fittings.

Sustainable Transport

We incorporate cycle storage and travel plans to allow and promote cleaner methods of transport

Smart Controls

We incorporate the latest technology to allow occupiers to have smart control over their energy use, minimising consumption.

Biodiversity Net Gain

We enhance landscaping and greenspaces and incorporate measures to enhance biodiversity.

Carbon Off-Setting

We make our carbon footprint cleaner by off-setting carbon that is not reduced on site.

Green Roofs

We utilise green roofs to boost biodiversity, contribute to carbon capture and reduce rain water run off-rates whilst increasing rain water storage.


Gracechurch Centre
Gracechurch Centre
Royal Sutton Coldfield

Existing retail shopping centre with significant placemaking and development potential

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Kensington Student Housing
Kensington Student Housing
South Kensington

A collection of 115 unique studios

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Primrose Hill Apartments
Primrose Hill Apartments

64 apartments overlooking Regents Park

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